For approximately 100 years, our property has operated as an approved sand and gravel extraction operation. Commonly known as “Sully-Miller,” our property will remain an active and profitable backfilling/stockpiling/inert materials dumping operation, with rock crushing occasionally performed on-site.


Our property is surrounded by a wide range of residential neighborhoods, from townhomes and family style homes to larger estates. After more than six years and 75 meetings with area residents and community organizations, we crafted a land use plan for our property to replace our current operations with a thoughtful and VIABLE plan called Rio Santiago. The Rio Santiago land use plan included a limited number of new single-family detached residences and a range of active-adult homes with nearly 60% of the site preserved as natural open space, parks, trails, and recreational facilities — all at no cost to taxpayers.


In June 2014, the Orange City Council voted 3:2 to reject the Rio Santiago land use plan.

As property and business owners, we are now investigating all of our land use options. This effort includes expanding our current backfilling/stockpiling/inert materials dumping operation and moving forward with development plans for 12 acres of our property already zoned for homes (located north of Santiago Creek).

While we wish we had received approval from the majority of the Orange City Council to move forward with the Rio Santiago plan, we now set our sights on providing important construction resources from our property and supporting key charitable organizations within the City of Orange.


The Team from locally-based and locally-operated Milan Capital Management